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Electronics Packaging Materials Research at NIST

  • Michael A. Schen (a1), G. T. Davis (a1), F. I. Mopsik (a1), W. L. Wu (a1), W. E. Wallace (a1), Jr. Manning (a2), C. A. Handwerker (a2) and D. T. Read (a3)...


The Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory at NIST has augmented its laboratory-based research in support of the U.S. commercial microelectronics industry by expanding its efforts in electronics packaging, interconnection and assembly (P/I/A) materials technologies. In conjunction with industry, university and other government agency partners, these new NIST efforts target materials technology issues that underlie the priorities contained within the various electronics industry technology roadmaps. A dominant aspect of the laboratory P/I/A program focuses on the in-situ metrology and data needs associated with the materials and complex material assemblies which comprise today's microelectronic components and circuits.



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Electronics Packaging Materials Research at NIST

  • Michael A. Schen (a1), G. T. Davis (a1), F. I. Mopsik (a1), W. L. Wu (a1), W. E. Wallace (a1), Jr. Manning (a2), C. A. Handwerker (a2) and D. T. Read (a3)...


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