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Electronic Properties of ζ-U-Pu Alloys

  • Ladislav Havela (a1), Anna Adamska (a2), Rachel Eloirdi (a3), Eric Colineau (a4), Jean-Christophe Griveau (a5), Thomas Gouder (a6), Frank Huber (a7), Daniel Bouexière (a8) and Alexander Shick (a9)...


The ζ-phase, existing between 35 and 70% U in Pu, belongs to the high density phases seen from the point of view of systematics of allotropic modifications of Pu metal. Despite the volume per actinide atom only slightly higher than for α-Pu, it magnetic susceptibility is much higher than for α-Pu and exceeds even the δ-Pu value. Similarly, the Sommerfeld coefficient γ > 40 mJ/mol Pu K2 exceeds the experimental δ-Pu value. The data confirm that the volume is not the primary control parameter affecting the situation around the Fermi level of common Pu phases and they point against the traditional belief that they are essentially narrow 5f band systems.



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