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Electronic Defects and Device Performance in CuGaSe2 Solar Cells

  • J. Jedediah Rembold (a1), Todd W. Curtis (a2), Jennifer T. Heath (a3), David L. Young (a4), Steve W. Johnston (a5) and William N. Shafarman (a6)...


The electronic and materials properties of two series of wide-bandgap solar cells with Cu-poor CuGaSe2 (CGS) absorbers have been studied, to better understand limitations on the device performance. One series of samples displayed distinct lateral non-uniformities in Cu/Ga ratio, Na content, and thickness, likely due to a limited supply of Se during CGS growth. The second series of samples appeared uniform. The most prominent electronic difference was the presence of a distinct band of near-interface defect states in the more non-uniform set of samples. The device performance did not appear to be limited by defects in the bulk CGS film until the defect density was larger than 2×1016 cm-3. Instead, interface recombination appears to be a significant factor limiting Voc in both sets of samples.



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