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Electron Spin Resonance Studies of Donors in Bulk and thin Film β3-SiC

  • W. E. Carlos (a1), J. A. Freitas (a2), J. C. Pazik (a1) (a3), L. M. Ivanova (a4), YU.M. Altaiskit (a5) and V. L. Zuev (a5)...


We have investigated the electron spin resonance of donors in bulk and thin film β-SiC at T = 10K to 40K. In both, two donor spectra are resolved; a three line spectrum associated with nitrogen on the carbon site and a broader line of unidentified origin. The observable hyperfine splitting decreases with increasing temperature due to a small valley-orbit splitting, in qualitative agreement with photoluminescence results. The lineshape has a significant lorentzian character even at the lowest temperatures, indicating exchange interactions with residual conduction electrons, possibly from a shallower donor. We find a lower concentration of both donors in the bulk material and a different temperature dependence of the lineshape for the two samples.



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