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Electron Irradiation Induced Trap In N-Type Gan

  • Z-Q. Fang (a1) (a2), J. W. Hemsky (a1), D. C. Look (a1) (a2), M. P. Mack (a3), R. J. Molnar (a4) and G. D. Via (a2)...


A 1-MeV-electron-irradiation (EI) induced trap at Ec-0.18 eV is found in n-type GaN by deep level transient spectroscopy (DLTS) measurements on Schottky barrier diodes, fabricated on both metal-organic-chemical-vapor-deposition and hydride-vapor-phase-epitaxy material grown on sapphire. The 300-K carrier concentrations of the two materials are 2.3 × 1016 cm−3 and 1.3 × 1017 cm−3, respectively. Up to an irradiation dose of 1 × 1015 cm−2, the electron concentrations and pre-existing traps in the GaN layers are not significantly affected, while the EI-induced trap is produced at a rate of at least 0.2 cm−1. The DLTS peaks in the two materials are shifted slightly, possibly due to electric-field effects. Comparison with theory suggests that the defect is most likely associated with the N vacancy or Ga interstitial.



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