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Electron Emission from Pentagons on a Carbon Nanotube Tip Revealed by Field Emission Microscopy

  • Koichi Hata (a1), Akihiro Takakura (a1) and Yahachi Saito (a1)


Field emission of electrons from multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) has been investigated by field emission microscopy (FEM) in an ultra-high vacuum chamber. An MWCNT whose tip is capped by curved graphite layers gives a FEM pattern consisting of 6 bright pentagons when the surface of the nanotube tip is clean. Even in the ultra-high vacuum with a base pressure of about 10-10 Torr, residual gas molecules, attracted by polarization forces, adsorb on the nanotube tips. The adsorbed molecules reside preferentially on the pentagonal sites, giving bright spots in the FEM pattern. A flash heating the emitter at about 1300 K allows the molecules to desorb, and the nanotube emitter recovers the original clean surfaces. The adsorption and desorption of gas molecules are responsible for stepwise increases and decreases in the emission current, respectively.



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Electron Emission from Pentagons on a Carbon Nanotube Tip Revealed by Field Emission Microscopy

  • Koichi Hata (a1), Akihiro Takakura (a1) and Yahachi Saito (a1)


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