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Electromigration of Electroplated Gold Interconnects

  • Steve Kilgore (a1), Craig Gaw (a1), Haldane Henry (a1), Darrell Hill (a1) and Dieter Schroder (a1)...


Electromigration tests were performed on passivated electroplated Au four terminal Kelvin line structures using the conventional in situ resistance monitoring technique. The stress conditions were a current density of 2.0 MA/cm2 with ambient temperatures ranging from 325°C to 375°C. The temperature coefficients of resistance (TCR) values were measured prior to current stressing to calculate the Joule heated film temperatures. The times to failure (lifetimes) for the Au line structures were considered as a 50% ΔR/R0 change. The median time to failure (t50%) was plotted against the inverse film temperature to determine the activation energy value as 0.59 ± 0.09 eV. Failure analysis of void location and suggested diffusion mechanism will be discussed.



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Electromigration of Electroplated Gold Interconnects

  • Steve Kilgore (a1), Craig Gaw (a1), Haldane Henry (a1), Darrell Hill (a1) and Dieter Schroder (a1)...


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