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Electromigration in Single-Crystal Aluminum Lines Pre-Damaged by Nanoindentation

  • Young-Chang Joo (a1), Shefford P. Baker (a1), Michael P. Knaufß (a1) and Eduard Arzt (a1)


Electromigration tests have been performed on single-crystal Al lines which were predamaged by rows of submicrometer-depth indentations made using a nanoindentation device. Indentations were placed close to each other so that their plastic deformation zones overlapped. During subsequent electromigration testing at 280°C and I to 2 MA/cm2, no damage was observed in non-indented single-crystal lines, while the indented lines showed electromigrationinduced voids at the cathode-side ends of the indented areas, and hillocks at the anode-side ends. The voids grew and moved away from the indentations towards the cathode. Fhe electromigration damage morphology of the indented lines indicates that the mechanical damage generates a local fast diffusion path in the single-crystal lines, which is believed to be due to dislocation core diffusion. A minimum indentation row length was observed, below which no void formed. This electromigration behavior is found to be phenomenologically similar to that of polygranular clusters in near-bamboo lines.



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