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Electrodeposition of CIGS on Metal Substrates

  • A. Kampmann (a1), J. Rechid (a1), A. Raitzig (a1), S. Wulff (a1), M. Mihhailova (a1), R. Thyen (a1) and K. Kalberlah (a1)...


The development of a low cost roll-to-roll production process for CIGS remains an attractive goal. In the present approach, the absorber is prepared by electrodeposition techniques, while molybdenum, copper or stainless steel (SS) are used as flexible substrates. Two electrodeposition routes are evaluated: sequential plating of Cu, In and Ga followed by Se evaporation is compared to simultaneous (= ternary) electrodeposition of Cu, In and Se. Ternary electrodeposition yields 7.5 % efficiency on stainless steel. The sequential process leads to 9.0 % cell efficiency on copper and on stainless steel substrates.



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