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Electrochemical and electrical properties of. Nb- and/or C-containing LiFePO4 composites

  • C. Delacourt (a1), C. Wurm (a1), L. Laffont (a1), F. Sauvage (a1), J.-B. Leriche (a1), R. Bouchet (a1), M. Morcrette (a1), J-M. Tarascon (a1) and C. Masquelier (a1)...


LiFePO4-based powders prepared through various synthesis conditions are presented. Depending on whether the precursors contain carbon or not, LiFePO4-based composites obtained contain significant amounts of carbon as well. We did not succeed in doping LiFePO4 with Nb and produced, instead, crystalline β-NbOPO4 and/or an amorphous (Nb, Fe, C, O, P) matrix around LiFePO4 particles. The total electrical conductivity is of ∼10−9−1 at 25°C with an activation energy of ca. 0.65 eV for pure LiFePO4 and LiFePO4/β-NbOPO4 composite. C-containing LiFePO4 samples, including those that had been tentatively doped with Nb, are much more conductive (up to 1.6.10−1−1) with an activation energy ΔE ∼ 0.08 eV.



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