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Electrical Property of Vertically Grown Carbon Nanotube and its Application to the Nanofunctional Devices

  • Jaeuk Chu (a1), Kwangseok Jeong (a1), Eunju Bae (a1), Inkyeong Yoo (a2), Wonbong Choi (a2) and Jujin Kim (a3)...


A highly ordered porous alumina array which hole size is decreased down to 20nm was fabricated by a two step anodization method. Carbon Nanotube was grown vertically with thermal CVD at 600∼700 °C. By using rapid thermal annealing method, low-ohmic contact was formed between multi wall nanotubes and metal electrode and its resistance shows tens to hundreds Ω. The alumina layer which is existed between nanotube and electrode acts as a barrier for conductance. The resistance of carbon nanotube shows the temperature(T-1) dependence at 4.21K < T < 19.9K and semiconducting behavior at this temperature region.


Corresponding author


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