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Electrical Properties of Ultra Shallow p Junction on n type Si Wafer Using Decaborane Ion Implantation

  • Jae-Hoon Song (a1), Duck-Kyun Choi (a2), Min-Seok Oh (a1) and Won-Kook Choi (a1)


The junction depth should be less than 0.05 microns to fabricate sub 0.1 micron devices. This requires implanting boron with energy of less than 1 keV. One drawback in a low energy ion source is low throughput due to low ion beam current. At present, boron known for a major p-type dopant for PMOSFET has problem to easily diffuse into Si wafer even in rapid thermal processing by high diffusivity. To resolve this problem, decaborane (B10H14) molecules are implanted to make p+/n junction on n-type Si wafers for low-energy boron dopant source. Ionized decaborane is accelerated at 1∼10 kV and implanted up to dosages from 1×1012/cm2 to 5×1013/cm2. Afterwards, Decaborane implanted Si wafers were post-annealed for 10 sec at 800, 900 and 1000°C, respectively. From RBS results on as-implanted n-type Si wafer implanted at 5 kV, it is observed there are amorphous Si layers with 4 nm in depth and boron ions are implanted up to 1∼5 nm in depth from SIMS analysis. The electrical properties of these p-n junctions are 127∼130 ω/sq. as sheet resistance, +0.3 V turn-on voltage and −1.1 V breakdown voltage obtained from I-V measurement.



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