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Electrical Properties of Solid Phase Crystallized Silicon Films

  • Tadashi Watanabe (a1), Hajime Watakabe (a1) and Toshiyuki Sameshima (a1)


In this study, the carrier mobility and density for solid phase crystallized (SPC) silicon films fabricated at 600 °C for 48 hours are analyzed by free carrier optical absorption. The carrier mobility is 40 cm2/Vs for SPC films doped with 6×1019-cm−3-phosphorus atoms. This analysis suggests the SPC films have fine crystalline grains closed to single crystalline silicon. In addition, initial carrier density was 3×1019 cm−3, which increased to 6×1019 cm−3by XeCl excimer laser irradiation of 500mJ/cm2. The inactivated regions in SPC films are reduced by laser irradiation. However, the electrical conductivity after laser irradiation for SPC films doped with 6×1018-cm−3-phosphorus atoms decreased from 3.3 to 0.018 S/cm as laser energy density increased to 500mJ/cm2. On the other hand, the electrical conductivity increased from 14.7 to 31.3 S/cm with similar increase of laser energy density after H2O vapor heat treatment at 260°C for 3 hours with 1.3 MPa. Furthermore, the characteristics of n-channel TFTs fabricated with initial SPC films as well as SPC films which was irradiated by laser at 425mJ/cm2 are also researched. The threshold voltage is decreased from 3.8 to 2.0 V by laser irradiation. Threshold voltages of both cases are decreased from 3.8 to 2.4 V for no-laser irradiation and from 2.0 to 0.8 V for laser irradiation, after H2O vapor heat treatment at 310°C for 1 hour with 9.0MPa. Based on the above trial, the defect reduction method combining laser irradiation and H2O vapor heat treatment has proved to be very effective for SPC films and SPC TFTs.



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