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Electrical Measurement of Ferroelectric Capacitors for Non-Volatile Memory Applications

  • Norman Abt (a1)


Modified lead titanate ferroelectdc thin films are currently utilized in conjunction with silicon CMOS technology for non-volatile memory applications. The electrical measurement of ferroelectric films has been common practice for many years but the parameters necessary for optimizing their use as memory have not been routinely recorded. Remanent polarization, spontaneous polarization and their change through fatigue and ageing are still the dominant parameters but the pulsing conditions of interest are driven by the circuit requirements. The operation of a memory circuit will be discussed along with implications for testing. Memory is written by applying a pulse to the capacitor. It is read by applying a pulse and sensing whether or not the polarization switched. Read and write pulses will apply different voltages to the ferroelectric capacitor in the circuit because a sense capacitor will be in series with it during the read. A new test, pulsed hysteresis, which is based on circuit operation will be presented. Parameter space of interest will also be discussed.



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Electrical Measurement of Ferroelectric Capacitors for Non-Volatile Memory Applications

  • Norman Abt (a1)


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