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Electrical Contact Characteristics between Silicon Micropillars and Ag Nanoparticles with Controlled Mechanical Load

  • VJ Logeeswaran (a1), Mark Triplett (a1) (a2), Daniel Lam (a1), Emre Yengel (a1), Heim Grewal (a1), Matthew Ombaba (a1) and M. Saif Islam (a1)...


We report an experimental investigation on employing Ag nanoparticles to provide electrical and mechanical contacts between transfer-printed semiconductor devices in the shape of micro/nano- wires and pillars. The Ag nanoparticles have diameters ranging between 200-800nm and are assembled on a 200nm Au film deposited on glass substrates. With a customized tool, an ensemble of silicon pillars were brought into contact with the silver (Ag) nanoparticles (AgNPs) by precisely controlling the displacement and applied force (pressure). Current-voltage measurements were done at force resolution of ~0.2N. The test method aims to illuminate the pillar-particle contact mechanism using the nanoparticles as conductive fillers for the next generation of high performance heteroepitaxial device transfer-printing applications.



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