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Electrical Characterization of Sige Thin Films

  • J. A. Mccormack (a1) and J.-P. Fleurial (a1)


An apparatus for measuring electrical resistivity and Hall coefficient on both thin films and bulk material over a temperature range of 300K to 1300K has been built. A unique alumina fixture, with four molybdenum probes, allows arbitrarily shaped samples, up to 2.5 cm diameter, to be measured using van der Pauw's method. The system is fully automated and is constructed with commercially available components. Measurements of the electrical properties of doped and undoped Si-Ge thin films, grown by liquid phase epitaxy reported here, are to illustrate the capabilities of the apparatus.



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Electrical Characterization of Sige Thin Films

  • J. A. Mccormack (a1) and J.-P. Fleurial (a1)


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