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Electrical Characterization of As and [As+Si] doped GaN Grown by Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition

  • M. Ahoujja (a1), S. Elhamri (a1), R. Berney (a1), Y.K. Yeo (a2) and R. L. Hengehold (a2)...


Electrical properties of As, Si, and [As+Si] doped GaN films grown on sapphire substrates by low temperature metalorganic chemical vapor deposition have been investigated using temperature dependent Hall-effect and deep level transient spectroscopy measurements. The Hall measurements from the GaN layers show that the concentration decreases with arsine flow (4, 40, and 400 sccm) at all temperatures. The carrier concentration of the Si-doped GaN, on the other hand, increases with the incorporation of arsine flow. This behavior is attributed to the formation of AsGa antisites which act as double donors. A deep level at around 0.82 eV below the conduction in the band gap of As doped GaN is measured by DLTS and is tentatively assigned to arsenic on gallium antisite.



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