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Elastic Behavior of Nanoparticle Chain Aggregates: Proposed Mechanisms

  • Sheldon K. Friedlander (a1), Hee Dong Jang (a2) and Kevin H. Ryu (a3)


Nanoparticle chain aggregates (NCA) of 7 nm titania particles stretch under tension, and contract when the tension is relaxed. The NCA were stretched across expanding holes produced in the carbon film on an electron micrograph grid. After stretching up to 90%, the NCA broke loose at one end and contracted to a tightly folded chain. This pattern was observed in repeated tests. Mechanisms for this behavior and reasons for its generality are proposed. Implications are discussed for the ductility of nanoparticle ceramics, and the improved properties of rubber due to nanoparticle additives.



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