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Einstein Rzlation in Quantum Wires of Tetragonal Sediconduc Tors

  • Kamakhya P. Ghatak (a1), B. De (a2), M. Mondal (a3) and S. N. Biswas (a4)


We have studied the Einstein relation for the diffusivity. mobility ratio (7PT) on the basis of a newly derived electron energy spectrum in QW f tetragonal semiconductors, within the framework of K. P method by considering all types of anisotropies of the energy band parameters. It is found, taking n-Cd3 As2 as an example that the DUTZ increases with electron concentration and decreases with film thickness in an oscillatory manner respectively. The theoretical results are in good aoreement with the suggested experimental method of determining the DMR in degenerate semiconductors having arbitrary dispersion law.



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