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Effects of Rapid Thermal Annealing on W/Si1−xGex Contacts

  • V. Aubry (a1), F. Meyer (a1), R. Laval (a1), C. Clerc (a2), P. Warren (a3) and D. Dutartre (a3)...


Thermal reaction of W with Si1−xGex films epitaxially grown by Rapid Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition was investigated in the temperature range 500°C - 1000°C. The samples were annealed either in a Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA) system or in a conventional furnace, both in flowing nitrogen. The reaction products were investigated by Rutherford Backscattering Spectroscopy (RBS), Energy Dispersive Spectrometry (EDS) and X-ray diffraction (XRD). Sheet resistance measurements were also performed to follow the progress of the reaction. The reaction of W with Si0.67Ge0.33 is similar to that of W with silicon. W reacts with silicon to form tetragonal WSi2. The Ge-content in the silicide is lower than that of the asdeposited alloy. It is shown that an oxygen contamination occurs during conventional annealing and leads to the formation of non homogeneous Si1−x Gex unreacted alloy below the silicide film. Rapid thermal annealing prevents this parasitic effect and the unreacted film remains homogeneous although a slight decrease in the Ge-content is observed. These results are correlated with Schottky barrier height measurements on p-Si0.83Ge0.17 partially strained films. We observed an increase of the barrier height with increasing the temperature for annealing from 500°C to 1000°C. This trend may be explained either by strain relaxation or (and) Ge-content decrease in the unreacted alloy.



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Effects of Rapid Thermal Annealing on W/Si1−xGex Contacts

  • V. Aubry (a1), F. Meyer (a1), R. Laval (a1), C. Clerc (a2), P. Warren (a3) and D. Dutartre (a3)...


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