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Effects of morphology of buffer layers on ZnO/sapphire heteroepitaxial growth by RF magnetron sputtering

  • Tomoaki Ide (a1), Koichi Matsushima (a1), Ryota Shimizu (a1), Daisuke Yamashita (a1), Hynwoong Seo (a1), Kazunori Koga (a1), Masaharu Shiratani (a1) and Naho Itagaki (a1) (a2)...


Effects of surface morphology of buffer layers on ZnO/sapphire heteroepitaxial growth have been investigated by means of “nitrogen mediated crystallization (NMC) method”, where the crystal nucleation and growth are controlled by absorbed nitrogen atoms. We found a strong correlation between the height distribution profile of NMC-ZnO buffer layers and the crystal quality of ZnO films. On the buffer layer with a sharp peak in height distribution, a single-crystalline ZnO film with atomically-flat surface was grown. Our results indicate that homogeneous and high-density nucleation at the initial growth stages is critical in heteroepitaxy of ZnO on lattice mismatched substrates.



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