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Effects of MeV Ion Beam on Polymers

  • A. L. Evelyn (a1), D. Ila (a1), R. L. Zimmerman (a1), K. Bhat (a1), D. B. Poker (a2) and D. K. Hensley (a2)...


The electronic (εe) and nuclear (εa) stopping effects produced by 3.5 MeV and 5.0 MeV ion bombardment in polyvinylidine chloride (PVDC), polyethylene (PE) and polyethylene sulfide were studied and compared. To separate these effects we chose two bombardment energies and a thin film polymer stacking technique developed in house. The resulting stacked layered system consisting of each polymer was bombarded with 3.5 MeV and 5.0 MeV alpha particles. The layered system was selected such that the first few layers experience most of the effects of the electronic energy deposited and the last layer receives the effects of the nuclear stopping. The electrical conductance and the changes in the chemical structure were measured by direct resistivity measurements, Raman microprobe analysis, RBS, and FTIR. The post-irradiation characterization resolved the effects of the stopping powers on the polymer films.



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