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Effects of Lead, Mercury, and Reduced Sulfur Species on the Corrosion of Alloy 22 in Concentrated Groundwaters as a Function of pH and Temperature

  • April L. Pulvirenti (a1), Karen M. Needhama (a1), Mohamad A. Adel-Hadadi (a1), Charles R. Marks (a2), Jeffrey A. Gorman (a2) and Aaron Barkatt (a1)...


The effect of Pb, Hg, thiosulfate and sulfide on the corrosion of Alloy 22 was studied. In solutions of 1000xJ13 groundwater doped with these contaminants, disks and U-bend specimens exhibited general corrosion and pitting at pH 1, and some dissolution at pH 13. One specimen exposed to the presence of Pb cracked catastrophically. In basic media thiosulfate and sulfide caused both oxide spalling and enhanced general corrosion.



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