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Effects of Ion-Irradiation and Hydrogenation on the Doping of InGaAIN Alloys

  • S. J. Pearton (a1), C. R. Abernathy (a1), W. S. Hobson (a1) and F. Ren (a1)


Carrier concentrations in doped InN, In0.37 Ga0.63 N and In0.75 Al0.25 N layers are reduced by both F+ ion implantation to produce resistive material for device isolation, and by exposure to a hydrogen plasma. In the former case, post-implant annealing at 450–500°C produces sheet resistances > 106 Ω/ℹ in initially n+ (7 x 1018 − 3 x 1019 cm−3) ternary layers and values of ∼5 x 103 Ω/ℹ in initially degenerately-doped (4 x 1020 cm−3) InN. The evolution of sheet resistance with post-implant annealing temperature is consistent with the introduction of deep acceptor states by the ion bombardment, and the subsequent removal of these states at temperatures −500°C where the initial carrier concentrations are restored. Hydrogenation of the nitrides at 200°C reduces the n-type doping levels by 1-2 orders of magnitude and suggests that unintentional carrier passivation occurring during cool down after epitaxial growth may play a role in determining the apparent doping efficiency in these materials.



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Effects of Ion-Irradiation and Hydrogenation on the Doping of InGaAIN Alloys

  • S. J. Pearton (a1), C. R. Abernathy (a1), W. S. Hobson (a1) and F. Ren (a1)


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