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Effects of Double-Implant on the Epitaxial Growth of Amorphous Silicon

  • L.J. Chen (a1) and C.W. Nieh (a1)


Investigation has been made on the effects of double implant of BF2 +−As+, BF2 +−P+, B+−As+ and B+−P+ on the thermal annealing behaviors of silicon. For specimens with As+ or P+ as the major dopants, the annealing behaviors were similar to those singly implanted with As+ or P+. For samples with BF2 + or B+ as the major impurities, drastic changes in annealing characteristics were found in comparison with BF2 + or B+ single implant specimens. High density twins, including primary twins on all four {111{ planes and twelve types of secondary twins were observed in BF2 +−As+ and BF2 +−P+ double implant samples.



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