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Effects of annealing and cobalt implantation on the optical properties of βFeSi2

  • M S Finney (a1), Z Yang (a1), M A Harry (a1), K J Reeson (a1), K P Homewood (a1), R M Gwilliam (a1) and B J Sealy (a1)...


In this paper optical absorption and photoluminescence (PL) techniques are used to study the optical properties of βFeSi2 layers fabricated by Ion Beam Synthesis (IBS). The way in which the band-gap varies when a small dose of Co is added before Fe implantation is also investigated. Our results indicate that the band-gap for βFeSi2 is direct with a value of 0.87eV. When a sufficiently high dose (1 ×10 16cm2) of Co is implanted prior to Fe we see the appearance of an additional band-gap after annealing at 1173K which we attribute to the formation of a ternary CoxFeySiz phase. We also show that by placing the sample in a hydrogen plasma it is possible to raise the temperature at which PL occurs in βFeSi2 to σ 200K.



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