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Effects of Additive Elements on Electrical Properties of Tantalum Oxide Films.

  • Hisayoshi Fujikawa (a1) and Yasunori Taga (a1)


Ta2O5-based composite films prepared by magnetron sputtering have been investigated with respect to their dielectric properties. As additive third oxides, Y2O3 and WO3 were found to be effective in improving insulating properties without decreasing their dielectric constant. Furthermore, electrical properties of Ta2O5-Y2O3 films were investigated by measuring the current-voltage characteristics in the temperature range from 100 to 330 K. Measurement of temperature dependence of the leakage current revealed that the conduction mechanism at RT changed from the Poole-Frenkel type to the Fowler-Nordheim tunneling type by adding Y2O3 into Ta2O5. Based on the detailed analysis of the results, it is concluded that the addition of Y2O3 into the Ta2O5 film is effective in the reduction of defect density without high-temperature annealing and the alteration of electrical conduction mechanisms of the films.



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Effects of Additive Elements on Electrical Properties of Tantalum Oxide Films.

  • Hisayoshi Fujikawa (a1) and Yasunori Taga (a1)


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