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Effect of the Heat Treatment on the Lithium Insertion Process in MoO3

  • B. Yebka (a1) and C. Julien (a1)


We have studied the electrochemical characteristics of Li/MoO3-based batteries in relation with the morphology of the cathode-active material. The oxides and oxide-hydrates of molybdenum have been prepared with various degrees of heat treatement. The samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction, Raman spectroscopy, and conductivity measurements. The effect of the heat treatment on structural, optical and electrochemical properties are presented in this work. Thermodynamics and kinetics of lithium insertion were studied in MoO3 cathodes. Diffusion coefficients and enhancement factors were calculated as functions of the degree of lithium intercalation in the domain of the galvanic cell reversibility.



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Effect of the Heat Treatment on the Lithium Insertion Process in MoO3

  • B. Yebka (a1) and C. Julien (a1)


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