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Effect of Substrate Bias on Structure and Properties of W incorporated Diamond-like Carbon Films

  • Ai-Ying Wang (a1) and Kwang-Ryeol Lee (a1)


W incorporated diamond-like carbon (W-DLC) films were deposited on silicon (100) wafers by a hybrid deposition method combining ion beam deposition of carbon with DC magnetron sputtering of tungsten. During the films deposition, a wide range of negative bias voltage from 0 to -600 V was applied. W concentration in the film could be controlled by varying the Ar/C6H6 ratio in the supplying gas. In the present experimental condition, WC1−x nano-sized particles were not observed in the amorphous carbon matrix. Regardless of the W concentration in the film, it was found that the G-peak position of the Raman spectra had a lowest value at a bias voltage of - 200 V, which represents the highest sp3 bond fraction in the film. The highest residual stress, hardness and Young's modulus were also observed when the bias voltage was -200 V. This result shows that the mechanical properties of W-DLC films were mainly dependent on the atomic bond structure of carbon. On the other hand, the electrical resistivity significantly decreased by the W incorporation.



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