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Effect of Spacer Scaling on PMOS Transistors

  • Wai Shing Lau (a1), Chee Wee Eng (a2), David Vigar (a3), Lap Chan (a4) and Soh Yun Siah (a5)...


Our observation is that both the on-current and off-current of state-of-the-art p-channel MOS transistors tend to become larger when the L-shaped spacer becomes smaller due to two different mechanisms: a decrease in the effective channel length Leff (Mechanism A) and a decrease in the series resistance (Mechanism B). In our analysis, we use drain induced barrier lowering (DIBL) as a measure of Leff and we assume that there is a linear relationship between the on-current, the logarithm of the off current and DIBL. Our assumption is supported by our theoretical derivations.



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