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The Effect of SiGe Barriers on the Thermal Stability of Highly B-Doped Si Surface Layers

  • Phillip E. Thompson (a1), Joe Bennett (a2), Robert Crosby (a1) and Mark E. Twigg (a1)


We have investigated the use of low-temperature (320 °C) molecular-beam epitaxy (MBE) to form highly conductive, p+, ultra-shallow layers in Si. Although the as-grown B-doped Si is electrically active, in a practical application the doped layers may be exposed to high temperature during post-growth device processing. To minimize the B diffusion, we investigated the use of SiGe diffusion barrier layers. In this work we demonstrate there is less B redistribution with the SiGe diffusion barriers. The use of SiGe diffusion barriers may prove to be critical in the activation of B implants for the formation of ultra-shallow junctions.



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