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Effect of Si2H6 as a gas phase additive to increase growth rate of a-Si:H films and solar cells

  • Lala Zhu (a1) (a2), Ujjwal K Das (a1), Chandan Das (a1) and Steven S Hegedus (a1)


We have studied the growth rate enhancement of a-Si:H films using Si2H6 as a gas phase additive to SiH4+ H2 gas mixtures using relatively low pressure and standard 13.56 MHz RF power. With the addition of 1.7% Si2H6 in the gas mixtures (10% more Si atoms into the chamber), the a-Si:H film growth rate increased by ∼30% at 1.25 Torr and ∼60% at 2.5 Torr. The optical emission spectroscopy (OES) exhibits reduction of SiH* intensity with addition of Si2H6, which indicates the reduction of high energy electron impacts with Si containing molecules. The microstructural defect parameter (fraction of dihydride bonding in the film) appears to decrease with increase of RF power (i.e. increase of growth rate). Similar a-Si:H p-i-n cell efficiency 7-8% is achieved with and without enhanced i layer growth rate with the Si2H6additive.



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