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The Effect of Sample Substrate on the Structural Properties of Co-Deposited Films of A-Ge:H*

  • S.J. Jones (a1), W.A. Turner (a1), D. Pang (a1) and W. Paul (a1)


Results from structural measurements on r.f. glow discharge produced a-Ge:H films have been found to be substrate dependent. The variations in the results were found to depend on both the substrate temperature, Ts, and the substrate yield strength. Differential scanning calorimetry results were particularly affected by these parameters. For films prepared at Ts = 150°C, the DSC spectra contain two exothermic peaks when the films are deposited on low yield strength substrates while only one exothermic peak is present for films deposited on high yield strength substrates. One exothermic DSC peak is seen in spectra for all films prepared at Ts = 300°C no matter what substrates were used. This DSC spectral dependence is attributed to differences in the microstructure of films deposited at the two substrate temperatures, as seen in TEM micrographs. X-ray diffraction measurements performed on films annealed to various temperatures show that all of the exothermic DSC peaks described above are associated with the crystallization process. Thus, for the films prepared at low Ts, crystallization is either a one or two step process depending on the yield strength of the substrate.



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Research supported by SERI contract XX-8-18131-1-1 and NSF Grant DMR-86-14003.



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