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The Effect of Migration Energies on Reducing Overprediction in Radiation-Induced Segregation Models

  • T. R. Allen (a1) and G. S. Was (a1)


Models for calculating radiation-induced segregation (RIS) in concentrated alloys based solely on differences in the magnitude of the vacancy driven flux typically overpredict the amount of grain boundary segregation. A simple sensitivity analysis is used to show that the overprediction may be linked to the choice of input parameters. By varying the Cr-vacancy migration energy from 1.300eV to 1.320 eV and the Fe-vacancy migration energy from1.300eV to 1.305 eV, well within their experimental uncertainty, RIS model calculations are brought into better agreement with AES and STEM-EDS measurements of grain boundary segregation in Fe-Cr-Ni alloys irradiated with protons at 7x 10−6 dpa/s at various temperatures and doses.



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