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The Effect of Microstructure in the Morphology and Kinetics of Amorphization Induced by Ion Irradiation

  • D.F. Pedraza (a1) and P.J. Maziasz (a1)


NiTi was irradiated with Ni ions to study the rate of amorphization as a function of temperature and to determine the temperature cutoff for the crystalline-to-amorphous transition. A series of irradiations was conducted at different temperatures from ambient to 350 °C. Prior to irradiation, the specimens contained martensitic plates and austenitic (B2) regions. However, during irradiation at temperatures of 80 “C and higher, all the specimens were entirely austenitic. As expected, amorphization was delayed as the irradiation temperature was increased. The fraction of material that became amorphous after irradiation at 250 °C to a dose of 0.7 dpa was estimated to be 5 to 10%. Specimens irradiated at higher temperatures remained crystalline, even after doses as high as 4 dpa. Irrespective of the irradiation temperature, we found a non-uniform distribution of amorphous regions that exhibited a morphology closely resembling the shape of the martensitic plates that existed in the material prior to heating it to the irradiation temperature. These observations are discussed in terms of the influence of structural defects on the kinetics of amorphization.



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The Effect of Microstructure in the Morphology and Kinetics of Amorphization Induced by Ion Irradiation

  • D.F. Pedraza (a1) and P.J. Maziasz (a1)


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