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The Effect of Initial Activation on Microstructures of Mg/Cu Super-laminates and Hydrogen Absorption Properties

  • Koji Tanaka (a1), Nobuhiko Takeichi (a2), Hideaki Tanaka (a3), Nobuhiro Kuriyama (a4), Tamotsu T Ueda (a5), Makoto Tsukahara (a6), Hiroshi Miyamura (a7) and Shiomi Kikuchi (a8)...


Microstructures and hydrogen storage properties of Mg/Cu super-laminates were compared to clarify the effect of initial activation. The initial activation change micro/nano-structures of Mg/Cu super-laminates into Mg2Cu with layered structure in fine grain size of about 1μm and pores highly dispersed between layers in sub-micrometer size. Large surface area, dense defects and short diffusion distance for the reaction enable Mg/Cu super-laminates to absorb hydrogen very quickly.



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