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The Effect of Hydrogen Bonding on the Mesomorphic Properties for Side Chain Type Liquid Crystalline Polyurethanes

  • T. Mihara (a1) and N. Koide (a1)


Mesomorphic properties and temperature dependence of the hydrogen bonding between urethane bonds (H-bonding) for side chain type liquid crystalline polyurethane(SLCPU)s were studied by thermally controlled FT-IR spectroscopy. A remarkable change in the strength of H-bonding for SLCPUs with a flexible chain in the polymer backbone(flexible SLCPUs) was displayed near the phase transition temperatures, while small changes in the strength of H-bonding for SLCPUs with a rigid moiety in the polymer backbone(rigid SLCPUs) was influenced by a mesogenic group in the side chain and the flexible chain length in the polymer backbone. Furthermore, in order to study the influence of H-bonding in rigid SLCPUs, polyurethane derivatives with methyl group were synthesized replacing hydrogen in urethane bonds. No mesomorphic properties for polyurethane derivatives obtained were exhibited. It was concluded that H-bonding played an important role to exhibit mesomorphic properties of rigid SLCPUs.



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