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Effect of Chemical Solutions and Surface Wettability on the Stability of Advanced Porous Low-k Materials

  • Q. T. Le (a1), G. Vereecke (a1), A. Bertha (a2), E. Kesters (a1), M. Lux (a1) and H. Struyf (a1)...


This study focuses on the impact of chemical solutions (hydrogen fluoride and tetramethylammonium hydroxide) on the change in properties of advanced porous low-k films. It was shown that there is no preferential removal of methyl groups during the dissolution process. With regard to wetting agents, the presence of isopropyl alcohol or surfactant (polyoxyethylene ether and alkoxylated diol type) in HF solution slowed down low-k film etching. Complete removal of surfactant residual usually requires an additional rinsing step using a low-molecular weight alcohol such as isopropyl alcohol.



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