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Effect of 3d Transition Metals Addition on the Ferroelectric Properties in Bi Ferrite Thin Films

  • Hiroshi Naganuma (a1), Jun Miura (a2) and Soichiro Okamura (a3)


Cr, Mn, Co, Ni and Cu of 5 at % s added BiFeO3 films were fabricated by chemical solution deposition on 111-textured Pt/Ti/SiO2/Si(100) substrates. Only the diffraction peaks attributed to BiFeO3 structure could obtain except the Ni and Cr additions. The BiFeO3 films became almost amorphous by adding Ni, and non ferroelectric Bi7CrO12.5 phase was formed by adding Cr. AFM images indicated the surface morphology of the films was drastically changed by the additives. The leakage current was reduced by adding Mn, Cu and Co, although the electric coercive field increased in the case of Co addition. Therefore, it could be concluded that Mn and Cu additives improved not only the leakage current properties but also the ferroelectric properties in the course of CSD process. It should be noted that this is the first report showing the improvement of ferroelectricity of BiFeO3 films by adding Cu.



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Effect of 3d Transition Metals Addition on the Ferroelectric Properties in Bi Ferrite Thin Films

  • Hiroshi Naganuma (a1), Jun Miura (a2) and Soichiro Okamura (a3)


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