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Dynamics Of MoS2 Photoablation

  • P. T. Murray (a1), V. J. Dyhouse (a1), L. Grazulis (a1) and D. R. Thomas (a2)


Speed distributions were determined for the ions ejected from MoS2 by excimer laser ablation. It was found that the majority of ionic species were atomic and were ablated with speeds in excess of 6 km/s. The speed distributions were found to be non-Maxwellian and were best described by a supersonic expansion model. The differences in ArF and KrF excimer laser ablation are discussed.



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Dynamics Of MoS2 Photoablation

  • P. T. Murray (a1), V. J. Dyhouse (a1), L. Grazulis (a1) and D. R. Thomas (a2)


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