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Dynamic Compressive Strength of Cementitious Materials

  • L. E. Malvern (a1), T. Tang (a1), D. A. Jenkins (a1) and J. C. Gong (a1)


Finite-element codes for structural response of reinforced concrete use as a parameter the unconfined compressive strength of the concrete, fc', which is sometimes increased by an arbitrary factor for dynamic loading. The objective of this research is to determine the rate dependence of fc' and eventually to model the rate-dependent constitutive behavior. Results of tests with a small Kolsky bar system and of a newly built larger system on concrete with a maximum aggregate size 1/2 inch are reported with strain rates at the maximum stress from 50 to 800/sec for mortar and from 5 to 120/sec for concrete. An apparent rate dependence up to almost twice the static strength is observed for both. The mortar shows an apparent linear dependence, while the high-strength concrete shows an approximately logarithmic dependence on the strain rate at the maximum stress, over the dynamic range observed. Some questions about specimen size effects and about how much of the apparent strain-rate effect is really a lateral inertia confinement effect are as yet unresolved. Continuing research is focused on observation of the lateral motion to assess lateral inertia effects in unconfined specimens and on passive confinement by steel jackets. Future efforts will be directed toward constitutive modeling.



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Dynamic Compressive Strength of Cementitious Materials

  • L. E. Malvern (a1), T. Tang (a1), D. A. Jenkins (a1) and J. C. Gong (a1)


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