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DX Centers in AlGaAs and Pressurised GaAs

  • S. Anand (a1), S. Subramanian (a1), B. M. Arora (a1), Y. C. Lu (a2) and E. Bauser (a2)...


In this paper, we present results of our investigations on some aspects of the DX centers. It is shown from the low temperature Hall mobility measurements that the charge state of the DX center is neutral supporting the positive U model for the DX center. Hall and DLTS measurements on Al-rich Al0.8Ga0.2As:Te sample show a reversal in the ordering of the energies of the hydrogenic and deep states of the Te donor, with the DX state lying higher than the X valley related effective mass state. Thermal emission properties of the pressure induced DX states of Ge and Se donors in neutron transmutation doped (NTD) GaAs are discussed.



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DX Centers in AlGaAs and Pressurised GaAs

  • S. Anand (a1), S. Subramanian (a1), B. M. Arora (a1), Y. C. Lu (a2) and E. Bauser (a2)...


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