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Dry Etching of Sol-Gel Pzt

  • R. Zeto (a1), B. Rod (a1), M. Dubey (a1), M. Ervin (a1), J. Conrad (a1), R. Piekarz (a1), S. Troliermckinstry (a2), T. Su (a2) and J. Shepard (a2)...


Two techniques for dry etching of sol-gel lead zirconate titanate (PZT 52/48) thin films were investigated: reactive ion etching and argon ion milling. Etched profiles were characterized by scanning electron microscopy. For reactive ion etching, a parallel plate etcher was used with HC2ClF4, an environmentally safe etch gas, in a process described by other researchers. Etch rates were measured and compared as a function of electrode shield material (ardel, graphite, alumina) and RF input power (100 to 500 W). These etch rates varied from 10 to 100 nm/min. Reactive ion etched sidewall angles 12° off normal were consistently produced over a wide range of RF powers and etch times, but overetching was required to produce a clean sidewall. For argon ion milling, a 300 mA/500 V beam 40° off normal to the substrate operating in a 72 mPa argon pressure was used. These ion milling conditions produced an etch rate of 250 nm/min with a sidewall slope angle of about 70°. The ion milling etch rate for sol-gel PZT was significantly faster than rates reported for bulk PZT. The 500 nm thick PZT films used in this study were prepared by the sol-gel process that used methoxyethanol solvent, spin coating on t/Ti/SiO2 silicon substrates, and rapid thermal annealing for 30 s at 650 °C for crystallization of the perovskite phase.



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Dry Etching of Sol-Gel Pzt

  • R. Zeto (a1), B. Rod (a1), M. Dubey (a1), M. Ervin (a1), J. Conrad (a1), R. Piekarz (a1), S. Troliermckinstry (a2), T. Su (a2) and J. Shepard (a2)...


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