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Dose Dependence of Ion Beam Mixing of Au on Amorphous and Single Crystalline Si and Ge

  • D. B. Poker (a1), O. W. Holland (a1) and B. R. Appleton (a1)


The rate of ion induced mixing of 700 Å Au layers vapor deposited on amorphous and single crystalline Si substrates held at room temperature was measured as a function of dose using 300 key Si, 350 keV Ar, and 525 keV Kr ion beams.Mixing profiles were measured at various fluences by Rutherford backscattering techniques and were found to be consistent with mixed layers whose thicknesses increased with ion dose. Mixing compositions, which were stoichiometric over the entire mixed region at Au-28.5 at.% Si, were found to be independent of ion species or implant fluence. For all ion species the dose dependence of mixing was closer to linear than the square root power law reported previously [1]. In addition, the mixing rate for Au on single crystalline substrates was significantly higher than Au n substrates amorphised by Si (self-ion) implantation at liquid nitrogen temperature. No difference was found between the mixing rates when the amorphous substrates were prepared by room temperature implantation. Preliminary results indicate similar behavior for the Au/Ge couple.



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