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Disordering of Si-Implanted GaAs-AlGaAs Superlattices by Rapid Thermal Annealing

  • S.-Tong Lee (a1), G. Braunstein (a1), P. Fellinger (a1) and G. Rajeswaran (a1)


We have studied the disordering phenomenon in GaAs-AlGaAs superlattices induced by Si implantation followed by rapid thermal annealing. Layer intermixing has been detected in superlattices implanted with 220 keV Si+ at doses ≥ 1×l015 cm−2 and annealed at 1050°C for 10 s. The amount of intermixing saturates with time after 10 s annealing, whence the lattice damage caused by the implantation is predominantly annealed out. The transient disordering is attributed to defect-induced layer intermixing occurring during the annealing of the implantation damage. Concurrent with the disordering, Si diffusion is observed to be minimal, which indicates that layer intermixing due to Si diffusion and other impurity effects lags behind that due to defects in the time scales of the present experiment.



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Disordering of Si-Implanted GaAs-AlGaAs Superlattices by Rapid Thermal Annealing

  • S.-Tong Lee (a1), G. Braunstein (a1), P. Fellinger (a1) and G. Rajeswaran (a1)


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