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Dislocation Reduction and Structural Properties of GaN layers Grown on N+-implanted AlN/Si (111) Substrates

  • Muhammad Jamil (a1), James R Grandusky (a2), Vibhu Jindal (a3), Neeraj Tripathi (a4) and Fatemeh Shahedipour Sandvik (a5)...


An alternative scheme to the growth of crack free, dislocation reduced III-Nitride layers on Silicon substrate has been previously introduced that relies on formation of an ion implanted defective layer in the substrate with implantation taking place in the presence of AlN buffer layer. Here, the effects of N+ ion implantation of AlN/Si (111) substrate on the structural and optical properties of the overgrown GaN epilayers have been investigated. Temperature dependent photoluminescence has been used to investigate the impact of the implantation conditions (energy and dose) on optical and structural quality of the GaN overgrown layers. A correlation between PL and high resolution x-ray diffraction (XRD) of the overgrown GaN layers show that the lowest FWHM of bandedge, the highest bandedge to deep defect blue luminescence band ratio, and the lowest symmetric rocking curve FWHM are achieved for the optimized implantation conditions. This correlates well with the results of etch pit density measurement showing an order of magnitude reduction in threading dislocation defect density



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