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Dislocation patterning in fatigued silicon single crystals

  • M. Legros (a1), O. Ferry (a2), J.-P. Feiereisen (a2), A. Jacques (a2) and A. George (a2)...


Tension compression fatigue tests and subsequent TEM observations were conducted on single crystalline silicon in a temperature and strain rate domain where lattice friction is still effective: 800-900°C and 1.5 to 6x10-4s-1. Samples oriented for single slip conditions were cyclically loaded under plastic strain amplitude control. For amplitudes ranging from 6x10-4 to 10-2, cyclic stress-strain curves exhibit two different stages of hardening and pass through a maximum before saturation is reached. TEM observations suggest that strain localization takes place near the maximum cyclic stress and beyond. Before mechanical saturation, edge dislocation dipoles sit mainly in thick rectilinear walls. Once the maximum stress is reached, these thick walls “condense” in much thinner walls that seem to carry out the imposed deformation while other regions become inactive. In this case, the dislocation structure anneals out and a loop structure is created from the dipolar walls.



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