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Dislocation Emission from a Thin-Film-Covered Crack

  • Tong-Yi Zhang (a1), Cai-Fu Qian (a1), Tianhong Wang (a1) and Pin Tong (a1)


The present work investigates the effects of a passive film formed during stress corrosion cracking on ductile/brittle fracture behavior, considering the interaction of a dislocation with a thin- film-covered crack under an applied remote load. The dislocation emission from the thin-film- covered crack tip is analyzed, on the basis of the two-dimensional Rice-Thomson model, for screw and edge dislocations. The results show that the nominally critical stress intensity factor for dislocation emission is related to the thin film thickness, the properties of the film and the loading conditions. For a given loading mode and a given crack length, there exists a critical value of the film thickness at which the film does not influence the dislocation emission. When the film thickness is smaller than the critical value, a harder thin film makes the dislocation emission easier and a softer film makes the dislocation emission more difficult. The opposite is also true if the film thickness is larger than the critical value.



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