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Direct-Write Processes as Enabling Tools for Novel Antenna Development

  • Bryan S. Irwin (a1), Robert M. Taylor (a1), Michael J. Wilhelm (a1), Kenneth H. Church (a1), James W. Culver (a2) and Douglas H. Werner (a3)...


Significant research effort is regularly applied to the goal of reducing the size of radio-frequency antennas while maintaining the entire set of positive attributes of proven but relatively large antennas. Such parameters as frequency response (multiple or single), bandwidth, and complexity of the antenna-driver balun structures require iterative optimization. The direct-write processes now available have enabled the insertion of reactive-loading elements as integral parts of the antenna structure, especially into new conformal designs. These reactive-loading elements were used in conjunction with modern design techniques to achieve antenna devices that were reduced in size to as much as half that of traditional counterparts. The performances of the miniaturized antennas constructed by direct-write methods were evaluated and compared to those of traditional antenna structures.



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