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Direct-Write Deposition and Laser Processing of Dry Fine powders

  • Pranav Kumar (a1) and Suman Das (a1)


We present a concept for multi-material solid freeform fabrication of 2D and layered 3D heterogeneous components. This technique involves direct-write deposition of multiple, patterned powder materials followed by laser processing. The direct-write deposition system features miniature hopper-nozzles for depositing dry powdered materials by gravity or by high frequency vibration-assisted flow onto a movable substrate. A dual wavelength laser processing workstation was used to consolidate the deposited pattern to desired densities. The feasibility of this concept was proved by direct-writing and laser processing various powder material patterns.



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Direct-Write Deposition and Laser Processing of Dry Fine powders

  • Pranav Kumar (a1) and Suman Das (a1)


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